Thrive No Matter What!

In the midst of our busy lives, we often encounter moments that unexpectedly inspire us. During a routine morning walk, I stumbled upon one such moment that left me in awe. It was an image of resilience, growth, and the undeniable power of life itself.

In the heart of an urban landscape, I came across a garden egg plant defying all odds by flourishing from an unlikely place – a drainage pipe. The sheer audacity of nature never ceases to amaze, and this spectacle was no exception.

The questions raced through my mind: How did this happen? What could possibly have allowed this plant to thrive in such an unconventional environment?

The story behind this garden egg plant’s journey to life is a testament to nature’s tenacity and the power of life’s intrinsic abilities. Someone had enjoyed a garden egg, and in the process, some of its seeds were scattered haphazardly around the vicinity. Then, as fate would have it, rain fell, and the rainwater carried these seeds along with a mix of sand through the drain pipe. At the end of its tumultuous journey, the sand settled, providing a humble foundation for life. The seed, unyielding and determined, germinated in this unlikely setting, reaching for the sunlight that found its way through the hole in the pipe.

The simplicity of this story reveals an essential truth: life finds a way. What did it truly take for this seed to thrive? The answer lies in a concise list:

  1. A little quantity of sand (the soil).
  2. Some life-sustaining water.
  3. A hole through the pipe for sunlight.
  4. Room to grow.

Consider this – it was hardly a conducive environment by conventional standards, yet the seed thrived. What propelled its growth? The answer is unequivocal – it was the life within the seed itself. The power to thrive resided inherently within the seed, a force that refused to be subdued by its surroundings.

Now, let’s turn the lens inward. What excuses are you giving for not thriving? Are these excuses truly insurmountable?

You are alive, gifted, and harboring greatness within you. It’s time to cast aside any self-imposed limitations and unleash your potential. Stop the complaints and start thriving. Make this affirmation a part of your daily life:


Always remember, you have the power to be more, live more, and do more. Just like that remarkable garden egg plant, you can flourish against all odds. Thrive, because within you lies the unstoppable force of life itself.

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